Heart and Soul

Ah, February! That month of hearts and flowers and words of love! Whispers on the wind that Spring is just around the corner! The sun gets up just a little earlier now, and it’s easier to crawl out of the covers in the morning since the thermometer has inched another degree towards Warmth. Today, as I stood in the haven of the woods behind our house, I, of the Perpetually Frozen Feet, was better able to enjoy the beauty of the world around me. I stood still, listening to the rustle of leaves as the robins searched for their breakfast, watching the deer chase each other around the pasture, and marveling at how they can leap, cat-like, over the fence without a running start. In the stillness, I felt, more than heard, the still, small voice of God, saying, “I created this for you…”

Yesterday, I had the privilege of going to the hospital to bless a new-born baby, and to pray for the health of one born weeks too soon. Her mother talked of re-arranging their schedules to be with her as much as possible, and the work they are doing to prepare the nursery for her when she is able to go home. Parents-taking joy in providing for their child, anticipating her needs, preparing a comfortable and healthy place for her to live. I thought how God did that for us, in the beginning…created a perfect place for us – a home called Earth, where we could live and grow under his loving care.

I looked up through the trees at the early morning sky. It was that cool, bluegray color of winter, streaked with clouds as fine and frilly as the lace on a homemade valentine – the kind I made when I was in grade school, with a red paper heart surrounded with lace, shot through with an arrow, with great, big letters that said, “Be Mine.” Looking at that sky, I felt as though God had written a great, big love letter to me. The words of Isaiah 43 came rushing into my heart: “I have called you by name, you are mine. You are precious in my sight, and I love you.” Have you ever heard more beautiful words than these?

How wonderful it is for me to be reminded that when God says, “You are mine,” he means that I am no longer my own. I am his precious child! My Heavenly Father continues to watch over me, provide for my needs, and takes true delight in surrounding me with a beautiful home in which to live.

What comfort it is on a cold day in February, to know that I belong to God, heart and soul! That is the best Valentine’s Day message any of us could ever receive! ♥

Happy Valentines Day! In Christ’s Love, Pastor Barb <><

Do you not know that your body is the temple of the
Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God?
You are not your own. 1 Corinthians 6:19

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