Dedication of the Zion Prayer Labyrinth

In the Zion courtyard, we have constructed a memorial garden in memory of Dr. Paul W. Hart, a member of Zion who loved God and the beautiful world God created. At the center of the garden is a prayer labyrinth that is open to the community. Dr. Hart was dedicated to the preservation of nature and worked to that end within the US Department of Energy. A place of prayer set in the outdoors is a fitting tribute to his life’s work.

The labyrinth is an ancient way of praying as you walk. We have set aside this sacred space to help us grow in our prayer life. It is our hope that our neighbors will come and walk the labyrinth as well, and that they may find the peace of Christ that we have found in this place.

Zion welcomes the community to the dedication of the Zion Prayer Labyrinth on March 27, 2011 following the service.

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