It’s time for our Annual Fall Festival!

It’s time for our Annual Fall Festival! Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 12th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. There will be games, prizes, horse rides, train rides, hay rides, treat walk, entertainment, food and lots of fun! Please plan to join in the fun and don’t forget to invite a friend. This a great community event and a wonderful opportunity to share Zion with our community!

Zion has success at the 2011 Effingham County Fair!

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped at all the activities we did in conjunction with the Effingham County Fair. Here are some highlights

For the second year in a row Zion’s parade float places in the design contest (3rd place). Even though this recognition is great, we enjoy getting out in the community and sharing the good news our church offers. Click on the photo below to see photos from the event.

2001 Fair Parade Float Photo Gallery


Our Youth Did a great job with their fair booth this year and took home 1st Place!!

2011 Fair Booth

139th Anniversary Celebration a Big Hit!

On Sunday, September 11th, Zion celebrated 139 years of ministry in our community! Over 170 people joined in the joyful worship celebration,which had the added blessing of the baptism of Nathan Rheberg. Our Youth blessed us with the gift of song, reminding us that the L-O-V-E of J-E-S-U-S is the B-E-S-T! We certainly experienced that this day!

After the service, a long line of hungry folks made their way to our beautifully decorated Fellowship Hall to enjoy a delicious buffet luncheon, provided by Dana Smith and his Hospitality Crew! We recognized those who had been a part of the Zion family during milestones in their lives. Two long tables laden with homemade desserts concluded our meal and fellowship time together. As always, Zion folks outdid themselves in good cooking (and, good eatin’!) Now, we have begun to plan how we can top this for our 140th Anniversary celebration next year!

Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts, for everyone who worked so hard to make this day truly memorable! It is such a blessing to be a part of the Zion family! May God bless you as you have been a blessing to Zion, and may he continue to bless our hands for his work in Effingham and beyond!

With Sincere Gratitude,

Pastor Barb and the leadership of Zion

Everyone had a great time and great fellowship, click on the picture below to see a photo gallery of the event:


139th Anniversary

Inaugural Haunted Trail

The Boys Scouts Troop 691 are teaming up with Zion to create a frighteningly fun Haunted Trail on the Nature Trail and surrounding areas in the Zion Lutheran Park. The Haunted Trial will be open on Friday and Saturday before Halloween, October 28 and 29, and the spooking will begin at 7:30pm and end at 9:30pm both nights. Admission is free, but, of course, donations are accepted. Details can be found on our church website,, or on

For a hauntingly spooky good time, come to the Haunted Trail at Zion Lutheran Park, if you dare!

Welcome to the Zion Family!

Nathan Alexandar, son of Brian and Jenifer Rheberg

Zion welcomes its newest members into our church family. Nathan Alexandar, son of Brian and Jenifer Rheberg was baptized on September 11, 2011. Mike, Lynda, & Aspen Sueirro and Paul Sedelmeyer were welcomed through Affirmation of Baptism on September 18, 2011.

Braden Tyler Thomas-Folmar

Braden Tyler Thomas-Folmar and Marjorie Leonhardt were baptized and celebrated their first communion on September 25, 2011.

Marjorie Leonhardt

We are delighted to welcome these newest members of our Zion family, and look forward to working with them to further God’s mission! If you have not yet had a chance to get to know these folks, be sure to seek them out and make them feel at home!

Things That Go Bump In The Night

October was one of my favorite months, growing up, because they showed one scary movie after the other on Friday nights. My friends and I snuggled down in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn and a comforter. We used the comforter to make a tent, ready to throw over our heads when things got too scary to watch. I loved the way delicious goose bumps ran up and down my arms when the Creature from the Black Lagoon rose up out of the water, sea weed dripping from his limbs. And the way my hair stood up at the back of my neck when Count Dracula crept silently up on his unsuspecting victim. Safe within my circle of friends and the blue TV screen light, it was such fun being scared!

But, as I grew, being scared wasn’t so much fun any more. The things that go bump in the night became seriously sinister. And, no longer did they disappear at the flip of a switch, or the turn of a dial. Things like friends going off to war, bills piling up, broken relationships, raising kids, a sick parent and feeling old can give you nightmares to rival the scariest movie! The reality is that real-life monsters lurk in the shadows, waiting for the chance to make you shriek.

Jesus knew how scary this world can be. He knew that the powers of darkness would try to scare us away – try to make us run, even from God. And, so, God sent us the Holy Spirit, The Comforter, to live with us, to calm our hearts, to relieve our fear, and to wrap us up in protective wings, soft as a dove’s. So, when fear attacks and you feel the scream bubbling up in your throat, pull the comforter of God’s tent over your head and take refuge under the shelter of his wings. Rest in God’s presence until all calm has been restored, and the things that go bump in the night will be silenced!

May all the goose bumps you get this Halloween be the ones that come when you are brushed by the wings of God!

Blessings, Pastor Barb <><

Let me abide in your tent forever; find refuge under the shelter of your wings. Psalm 61:4

WELCA Convention A Big Success!

Click on the Photo to see more photos from the event.

Emma Lee Dasher, Melinda Heidt, Cheryl Pannal, Norma Ralph and Dana Lee Smith attended the Southeastern Synod Women of the ELCA convention September 16th – 18th at Guntersville State Park in Alabama. We had a wonderful time experiencing our theme “Renew Your Heart”. We enjoyed attending workshops and engaging with other women from around our synod. Jean Minkin from Trinity Lutheran in Lilburn, GA was elected president and Norma Reed from Nativity Lutheran in Bethlehem, GA was elected vice president. Pat Cunningham from St. Paul’s Lutheran in Savannah, GA was re-elected to serve on the board. Thanks for all of your prayers for a safe and successful meeting!

Here at Zion, WELCA continues to carry on several ongoing projects. Please save your Campbell’s soup labels (any product from Campbell’s company) and your pop tabs. These items can be placed in the small cubby in the entrance of the fellowship hall. We are also collecting empty prescription bottles. There is a collection basket in the entrance of the fellowship hall. We also sponsor wedding showers and baby showers throughout the year. If you would like to donate towards gifts and refreshments for these events, please contact Melinda Heidt at 728-3288.

All women of Zion are members of WELCA. You are invited to take part and get involved in your organization. Please let me know how we can help to get you involved. Bible study meeting times and locations are listed in Zionews.