The Body of Christ – A Weekly Lenten Series

This Lenten season, the three area ELCA churches are working together to offer a series of messages called The Body of Christ. Each week, the pastors will rotate churches to bring us a message exploring the humanity of Christ. Our services begin in the sanctuary at 5:30 p.m. followed by a meal that will be provided in the Fellowship Hall . You don’t have to bring a thing except yourself, and (if you feel so moved) a donation for Relay for Life. The schedule is as follows:
Sunday, March 4: The Hands of Christ Pastor John Barichivich -Jerusalem
Sunday, March 11: The Heart of Christ Pastor Patrick Finley – St. John’s
Sunday, March 18: The Ears of Christ Pastor David Hendrix – Jerusalem
Sunday, March 25: The Feet of Christ Pastor Barb Koch, Zion
This promises to be a thought-provoking, prayerful series, with good fellowship to follow. We know you won’t want to miss even one!

Tall Tales and a Bit o’ Truth

I’m thinking about the Wee Folk today. My Irish roots tend to take over in March and make me dream in shades of green; of Little People guarding pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, and of silkies basking in a Spring sun so warm it makes them shed their skins. Do you know the legend of the silkie? “Superstition!” most would say. “Tall tales told at bedtime to help small children get to sleep!” Well, I like a tall tale as well as the next person, and there is something about the silkie’s story that intrigues me.

Imagine for a minute… a sable-colored seal slides out of the sea to lie among the rocks. As you watch, you are astounded to see her slip out of her skin, revealing a beautiful maiden, long, dark, hair gleaming in the sun. It is said among the sea folk that a man who captures the skin of a silkie, captures her heart, as well. But, the sea does not leave her. A man may take a silkie for his wife, but no matter the bonds of love betweenthem, no matter the love she may have for their children, should she find her skin, she is gone in the blink of an eye, back to her first love – the sea.

What fascinates me about this tale is the memory of the silkie. Though she has everything she needs to be content – husband and children and hearth and home – the silkie never forgets where she came from. She never ceases searching for her lost skin, and is always turning her sad eyes to the sea, longing to return to her true home under the waves.

I understand that longing, that sense of something missing, the ceaseless searching for that home buried deep within the memory. Like the silkie, I have everything I need to be content, and, most days, I am. Yet, there are days, like today, when the sun beams on me so warmly that I want to run down to the sea and shed this skinbag in which I live! My eyes search the heavens, and I long for my true home above the clouds. One day, I, too, will be gone in the blink of an eye to live with God – my first love. So, for me, the tale of the silkie isn’t so tall after all! Because, like my sainted grandmother used to say, if you look for it, you can find a bit o’ truth in almost everything!

May your Spring be green! Pastor Barb <><

For in this tent we groan, longing to be clothed with our dwelling from heaven.
2 Corinthians 5:2

March 2012 WELCA Update

WELCA Leadership Conference

Thanks to all who participated and made a donation at Zion’s Mardi Gras Festival. A total of $125.00 was collected for Lutheran World Relief kits. Thanks to your generosity, we can reach out to others by providing some basic necessities! The ladies of our cluster also enjoyed the leadership training event that Zion hosted. We thank WELCA synod board member Norma Reed for leading this event. Thanks to all who helped to provide snacks and lunch.

We need your used/cancelled stamps! Please don’t throw them away! We collect these stamps and send them to the Sons of Norway Lodge.This organization collects stamps from all across the world and sends them to the Tubfrim organization in Norway. Since its inception in1928, Tubfrim has been raising money to help children. Originally started to aid children afflicted by tuberculosis, the organization nowworks to improve the quality of life for disabled children and youth as well. Sons of Norway members have been an integral part of Tubfrim’s success since 1986. They clip and send used stamps to Tubfrim, which sells them to dealers and collectors. Just cut or tear the stamps off the envelopes, leaving a slight margin (approx. 1/2inch) to keep the perforation intact. Damaged stamps (damaged perforation, edges etc.) are worthless and are thrown away. So, save those stamps and place them in the collection box in the entrance ofthe fellowship hall.

Ladies, please check the Zionews calendar page and make plans to join in one of our Bible study opportunities. If you’re not sure which one fits your needs, you are invited to visit each group. We would love to have YOU involved! All Zion women are members of WELCA. We invite you to take part & get involved in your organization. Bible study meeting times and locations are listed in Zionews.

Annual Congregational Yard Sale

Saturday March 3rd, 2012 from 6am -1pm

Come early and get a free biscuit while supplies last. We have furniture, luggage, antiques, clothes, baskets, books, videos, etc. A lot of items donated that are vintage and many have never been opened. Too many to list. Come see for yourself. Come early because the collectibles
will go fast.


Here is a link to the event on Facebook

March 2012 Senior Citizens Update

Bill Tyson from the Effingham Extension Office

Bill Tyson, Effingham County Extension Director,was the guest speaker for the 44 folks present at our February meeting. He shared his knowledge on how to conquer certain weed, grass, plant, and insect problems. Call him if you need answers to “bugging” questions.

Thank you to Charlie & Melinda Heidt, Judy Harmon, and Cheryl Pannal for preparing the delicious meal. Thank you also to everyone who brought food items to share and/or helped clean up afterwards. Our meeting next month will be on Wednesday, March 21st, starting at 11:30 a.m.

Lisa Bush, Director of Manna House

Lisa Bush, Director of Manna House, will be our guest speaker. She will be talking about how Manna House helps others and how we can help Manna House. So come on out for a good program, delicious meal, & a great social time. Bring a friend to share it with you!

LMM Breakfast Social and Presentation

John Crosby

Lutheran Men in Mission will meet at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 25th, to hear a presentation by John Crosby, Regional Director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Immediately following, LMM will host their monthly Breakfast Social at 9:00 am. A full breakfast will be served. For more information or if you would like to assist with this project, contact Clayton Dasher at 728-3222.

March 2012 Lutheran Youth Update

February Highlights

Thanks to youth for leading the service on February 5th. We had a wonderful Scout Sunday and Souper Bowl Sunday celebration. We collected a total of $304.96 for Manna House. The youth also enjoyed gathering for our annual Super Bowl game party. Nine youth enjoyed joining Jerusalem Lutheran for a joint lock-in. We had fun getting to know each other. Thanks to Trey Davis and Thomas Folmar for serving as adult leaders.

March Events

Sunday, March 4th 12:15pm – 1:15pm: Car wash Fundraiser
Youth will host a carwash immediately following worship service.We need everyone’s help – parents too!!

Wednesday, March 21st 6:00pm – 7:30pm: LIFE (Living in FaithEveryday) – Come join Bible study!! Remember, the meal starts at 5:15pm. Youth should be finished eating by 6:00pm.

Plan Ahead

April 27th – 29th: All GA – 6th thru 12th grade
Completed Form with Deposit due by Sunday, March 4th

June 17th – 22nd: AFFIRM – 6th thru 12th grade
Completed Form with Deposit due by Sunday, April 1st

March 2012 Children’s Choir Update

Our choir is continuing to work on their music for Lent and Easter. Our children’s choir will sing at the Lenten Services during the Sundays of Lent. We will sing Maundy Thursday and Good Friday also. We hope that your child will be able to come and sing at these special services. They will receive a blessing and the congregation will receive a blessing from their singing. If you need help in getting your child to these services, please contact Melinda Heidt (728-3288) or Dana Lee Smith (665-1377). Thank you to the parents and children for their dedication in helping us provide this ministry to the church. We are fortunate to have a Children’s Choir that sings regularly during our Sunday morning worship!

Vacation Bible School

Save the Date! Vacation Bible School is scheduled for the week of June 11th – 15th. The theme for this year is “Adventures on Promise Island”. We will be discovering God’s lifesaving love and we would love to have you here with us. Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors to come on out and join us as well. If you would like to help with VBS, please contact Joy Hutcheson (728-3295), Rebecca Heidt (601-2469) or April Smith (727-418-7655).