March 2012 WELCA Update

WELCA Leadership Conference

Thanks to all who participated and made a donation at Zion’s Mardi Gras Festival. A total of $125.00 was collected for Lutheran World Relief kits. Thanks to your generosity, we can reach out to others by providing some basic necessities! The ladies of our cluster also enjoyed the leadership training event that Zion hosted. We thank WELCA synod board member Norma Reed for leading this event. Thanks to all who helped to provide snacks and lunch.

We need your used/cancelled stamps! Please don’t throw them away! We collect these stamps and send them to the Sons of Norway Lodge.This organization collects stamps from all across the world and sends them to the Tubfrim organization in Norway. Since its inception in1928, Tubfrim has been raising money to help children. Originally started to aid children afflicted by tuberculosis, the organization nowworks to improve the quality of life for disabled children and youth as well. Sons of Norway members have been an integral part of Tubfrim’s success since 1986. They clip and send used stamps to Tubfrim, which sells them to dealers and collectors. Just cut or tear the stamps off the envelopes, leaving a slight margin (approx. 1/2inch) to keep the perforation intact. Damaged stamps (damaged perforation, edges etc.) are worthless and are thrown away. So, save those stamps and place them in the collection box in the entrance ofthe fellowship hall.

Ladies, please check the Zionews calendar page and make plans to join in one of our Bible study opportunities. If you’re not sure which one fits your needs, you are invited to visit each group. We would love to have YOU involved! All Zion women are members of WELCA. We invite you to take part & get involved in your organization. Bible study meeting times and locations are listed in Zionews.

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