Thank You!

A note from Pastor Barb.  To My Zion Family, I wanted to thank all  of you for your kind words, cards and prayers for me and my family  as we walk with my sister, Alice, who is battling cancer.  Now, my mother, Janet, is hospitalized with heart problems, and is in need of prayers as well.  I will be making short trips to West Virginia to see them both as my sister’s illness progresses, and appreciate your prayers and understanding during this difficult time for me and Bob. I thank God for you every day!  Blessings,  Pastor Barb <><

Thank you to the LYO for the “kisses” you handed out on both Mother’s Day & Father’s Day! You are sooo sweet!

A BIG “THANK YOU” to Joy Hutcheson, Rebecca Heidt and  April Smith for leading our VBS program this year. Thank you all  for creating another year of a terrific Vacation Bible School for our children to learn about God and Jesus!

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