Pastor Barb has been appointed to serve the Ebenezer Conference!

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Bishop Gordy Appoints Two New Deans
Bishop Julian Gordy has appointed two new deans to serve the Southeastern Synod. The Rev. Barbara Koch, Zion, Guyton, GA, has been appointed to serve the cluster in the Ebenezer Conference on the Georgia Coast, and the Rev. Michael Huntley, Martin Luther, Mobile, and Holy Trinity, Daphne. AL, has been appointed to serve the Ruach Conference on the Gulf Coast.


Pastor Michael Huntely

Deans serve as the bishop’s representative in a limited geographical area called a deanery or cluster. There are 17 such clusters in our synod. Deans provide pastoral care to rostered leaders in their deaneries and facilitate good communication between the bishop’s office and the congregations in the cluster. Pastor Jill Henning, Trinity, Lilburn, GA, coordinates the work of the deans.


Pastor Barb Koch


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