Believing the Unbelievable

downloadSilently, invisibly to the naked eye and ear, 120 satellites endlessly circle the earth, flashing back to NASA scientists fascinating images of things early astronomers such as Copernicus and Galileo could only dream of! In the NOVA program Earth From Space, I watched in fascination as the dynamic forces of nature unfolded before my own eyes. I saw in a way I have never seen before how earth, fire, wind and wave are bound together into one, huge, intimate system that sustains all of life on the planet.
I listened to how dust blown from the Sahara fertilizes the Amazon Rain Forest, 5000 miles away, and how a frigid undersea waterfall in Antarctica 500 times the size of Niagara Falls gives rise to fish to feed dolphins near the equator. I saw how, like our own blood stream, the ocean’s currents act like a huge, global circulatory system, nourishing the earth, and that land, sun, and atmosphere are intertwined in ways that defy common sense. I was amazed, not just by the awesome
intelligence I saw behind all creation, but that there were people smart enough to develop the technology to discover it!
How far humankind has come from the days when the world was thought to be flat, and there was danger of sailing too close, and falling off the edge! Every day, advances in technology unearth another secret of the universe. Every day, there are new discoveries, new information; amazing facts beyond our imagination; the impossible becomes
possible; the unbelievable becomes believable. How is it, then, with all the wonders of creation at our fingertips, people still have doubts about the Creator; rejecting the resurrection as an impossibility? How is it that we see with our own eyes life rising from the dust of the earth, yet we cannot wrap our minds around life rising again from the tomb?
All the marvels of technology confirm for me that I cannot trust my own senses – that there are things at work that I simply cannot see. But, one day, all will be revealed. In the mean time, I choose to believe the unbelievable! Come! Explore impossibilities with us this Easter! Come, and be amazed!

Happy Easter,

Pastor Barb <><

With God, all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

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