These Far Blue Hills

blue_ridge_mountainsWe drove the back roads, leaving the frenzy of the freeway to those who were in a hurry to get where they were going. The wild country spread out all around us. The trees, robed in that many-shaded green of new leaves, cast cool shadows over the road, damp from the morning dew. A deer stood motionless at the tree line, ready to run for cover if we so much as sneezed in her direction. The day was young, and it belonged to us, and the road was a thin, gray ribbon, calling us away.
In the distance, the mountains rose gracefully up out of the earth to lie across the horizon, forming an impossibly blue line against the pale morning sky. I wondered what lay behind them. “One of these days,” I said to my husband, who loves an adventure as much as I, “we need to keep on riding right over the top of those far, blue hills, and see what lies on the other side.” “More blue hills.” he replied. I knew what he meant. Always, for me, there would be more hills to climb, more valleys to walk, more oceans to cross.
There are people who are perfectly happy staying right where they are, content to never leave the familiar comfort of their own back yards, never feeling the pull of the distant hills. But, there are others, like me, who have the wanderlust – whose eyes are ever drawn to new horizons, who yearn to head out to those hazy mountains, always wondering what lies on the other side.
God has created us both: travelers and homebodies, pilgrims and settlers. Both are needed to keep the balance of things; to keep the rhythm of life going, though time and circumstance may change us; a homebody sells everything he owns and hits the road; a traveler comes to roost, never to leave her nest again. But, whether on the road or in a rocking chair, know that you are always home, safe in the heart of God, your constant companion, who meets you wherever you are.
Blessings on your summer, Pastor Barb <><
The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in,
from this time forth and forevermore. Psalm 121:8

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