Celebrating 25 years of ELCA on Sept 8th

On Sept. 8th, our congregation will be joining together with the 4 million members of the ELCA in nearly 10,000 congregations to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). At Zion,  we used this opportunity to serve school children in our  country and around the world by making and filling 66 school kits. The project began when our “Quilting Angels”ministry donated materials and sewing magic to create the drawstring school bags. Baskets of colorful school bags were placed in the narthex and our members began to fill them with school supplies that are needed by children around the world to attend school. Our youngest Sunday School class brought in supplies and helped the teachers fill 8 bags. Once the bags were filled and packed in boxes, they were taken to the Lutheran World Relief truck that stopped at St. John’s Lutheran Church on Friday afternoon, August 23. The LWR truck delivered the boxes to the distribution center in Maryland. This wonderful project concludes on September 8th back at Zion. There will be pictures to show you the project as it unfolded and Pastor Barb will officially bless our servant ministry on that date. Many thanks to all
those who helped with this project; it was a huge success!!
Louise Sebastian Worship and Music Committee

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