Southeastern Synod WELCA Convention Recap

It was a great time, from the bus ride there to the bus ride home. We saw friends we only get to see twice a year, yet it is always like old home week! Around 185 folks attended the convention, and every motion recommended passed. The workshops were very interesting, and everyone got something different from them. A total of $6,121.00 was collected for 2013 from the four states in our synod – GA, TN, MS and AL – to benefit Lutheranch. Also, 31, 628 lbs. of donated items were collected for LWR: 3,655 quilts, 2,383 personal care kits, 3,164 school kits and 6,017 baby kits. Some of the ladies got a toy fish for their meal at the banquet! (Yep! They ordered catfish!) The rest of us had pork chops! If you did not make the convention this year, think seriously about going next year. Then you won’t miss all the hugs, friendly chats, meeting new friends, lots of STUFF in your bags and the satisfaction of being part of an awesome group of Women! Hope to see you there next year! Norma Ralph, Delegate

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