Come to The Family Table Sunday, June 29th, 5:00pm.

familytableZion invites all ages to come to a new, exciting, and different faith experience on every 5th Sunday, called the Family Table. At the Family Table, we will pray, sing, play, and break bread together. We will enjoy making art, singing music, and exploring God and our faith. All the activities will center on a theme from selected Bible readings. Our Family Table time will end by sharing a meal together. Each Family Table is independent and stands on its own, so if you miss one, you can still join in the fun at the next one.

Our first Family Table is on Sunday, June 29th at 5:00 pm in the Zion Fellowship Hall. The theme is “Broken Vessels” . We recognize that we are all clay pots, but that God designed each of us for a special purpose, and will make good use of us even in our brokenness. Our art project will be making clay pots.

If you have any questions, contact Amy Young, Sunday School Superintendent, at  (912-667-1482).

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