Bus Trip to Beaufort, South Carolina for a Gullah Kinfolk Christmas Musical!

10801621_10154947150955160_4720493896401823883_n Gloria Sheppard is organizing a trip to the University of South Carolina Beaufort Campus on Friday, Dec.5th, 2014 for a Gullah Kinfolk Christmas Musical from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. The Zion bus will leave the church at 5:30 pm. and be back around 11:00 p.m. The trip includes a craft tent, food tasting, and a meal of Gullah traditional foods before the musical.

The cost is $25.00 for adults, including the meal; children 7-17, $10.00.
A sign-up sheet is in the entryway.

A love offering to cover the cost of the gas will be taken.



The Zion Adult Choir will join with Jerusalem’s choir to sing at Jerusalem’s annual Advent Service on Sunday, November 30th, at 7:00 p.m. at Jerusalem Lutheran Church. The Zion congregation is invited to come worship that evening and enjoy the Advent Cantata the choirs have been practicing.

Come to the Family Table

familytableCome to the Family Table: engaging your faith as a family.    On Sunday, November 30th at 5:00 p.m. we invite you to join us in   the Zion Fellowship Hall for our 5th Sunday event called the Family Table. The Family Table is designed for all ages. We explore God and our faith, pray, sing, create, and break bread together. The atmosphere is relaxed, kids can be kids, and everyone has fun  learning together as God’s family.  We end with a shared meal.  The evening’s activities center on a theme from selected Bible readings. At the event, we have a Thankful Basket for you to share your thankfulness with others. You can make a gift of yourself, by writing a promise to use your time or talents to help or visit someone, or you can bring a gift of your things, like canned food, a pair  of socks, or money. Thankful Basket items are given to deployed military and local charities such as Family Promise, Manna House, Backpack Buddies, or People Helping People.

If you have questions, contact Amy Young, Sunday School

Superintendent, at 912-667-1482 or email

[email protected]


Rock The Boat…

I have had a song stuck in my head all day. You know how that goes. You hear a song on the radio and all day long, out of nowhere, you catch yourself singing a line of it out loud, and everyone wonders where that came from. Today, I have Don Henley in my head, singing “The people all said, “Sit down! Sit down, you’re rocking the boat!” “What are you singing,?” a friend asks, and I realize I have been singing out loud. Again. Embarrassing. But, the image of a guy standing up in the boat and everyone else grabbing onto the sides and screaming for him to “Sit down!” stays with me. Everyone wants to feel safe. Everyone wants to feel secure. No one likes to feel the boat shift beneath them. So, when one guy stands up and the boat begins to rock, everyone else tries to get him to sit back down, to stay in his place.
Church buildings have often been compared to a boat: the rafters representing the hull, and the place where the people sit called the nave, from the Latin navis, which means ship. The image is of a group of people all on a journey together, always moving forward, carrying the message of Jesus to those who haven’t heard. But, what happens with boats sometimes is that they get stuck in one place: they run aground, and just sit there, and it gets comfortable. And, if someone stands up and threatens to rock the boat – get things moving again – people start singing, “Sit down! Sit down!”
Jesus was a great one for rocking the boat. He was always standing up, shifting the way people thought about things, changing the way they were doing things, threatening to turn everything upside down. And, people didn’t like it, not one bit! They grabbed onto the familiar with both hands and clung to it, all the while, screaming at Jesus to sit down and quit rocking the boat!
He’s doing it, still, in his Church today. Jesus just won’t sit still and let us float peacefully along, in the same old boat, in the same, old direction. He is always standing up, showing us new ways of thinking; new ways of being Church – shaking us all up – turning everything upside down.

The boat’s rocking at Zion!  Jesus has stood up, and, thank God, we have chosen not to waste precious energy trying to get Jesus to sit back down!  Instead, we are busy testing the waters and feeling the winds of change, listening to the Spirit’s guidance and preparing to head off in another direction!  It’s an exciting time to be the church, and I covet your prayers for the Vision and Mission Task Force as they lead us in discerning God’s call for us.  Where ever the Spirit leads, we know we can trust God to provide us with the means to get there!  So, loosen your grip on the side of the boat, and get ready to enjoy the ride! Your boating partner,  Pastor Barb <><

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…Mathew 28:19