Small Pleasures…

The blueberries hung in thick, warm clusters; indigo
gems, glistening in the sun. We stood on tiptoe and gleaned
from the high bushes. The sky was blue and the day was
hot. We worked in companionable silence, grateful for the
shade and the sweet taste of ripe fruit on our tongues. We couldn’t
help but taste a few as we worked. Sweat dripped in our eyes, and
mosquitoes did a little tasting of their own, but the thought of homemade
blueberry cobbler kept us going. The work and our just desserts:
one of life’s small pleasures.
There are so many little things that we take for granted every day in
this country, where small pleasures get swallowed up in the drive to
acquire more and bigger things. But stop and consider for a moment
what a real pleasure it is to turn on the tap in your kitchen, and have
fresh water at your fingertips. To get up when nature calls and have a
toilet available. To be able to flip a switch, and feel cool air against
your skin, or open the freezer door and have the satisfaction of seeing
bags of frozen blueberries waiting there till you are ready to eat them,
and they will be as fresh as the day you picked them.
I think of people in other countries who do not have the luxury of
these small pleasures. For too many, clean water, toilets, and refrigeration
are just a pipe dream, and air conditioning isn’t even on the radar.
I think of the homeless in our own country, washing in sinks in public
rest rooms, at the mercy of the weather, only able to buy food that can
be eaten the same day or it will spoil. And I am ashamed that I have not
gotten down on my knees and thanked God every day for providing me
with these small pleasures.
But, this morning, as I ate my sweet, blueberry pancakes, I thanked
God for every delicious bite, and vowed that I would never again take
these things for granted. I will try hard not to forget.
O God, forgive me for those times when I do forget to thank you for
pouring your blessings out on me. Forgive me when I take these things
for granted. Forgive me for those times when I hold on tightly to what
I have, instead of sharing your bounty with others.

Because if I did – if we all did – maybe everyone might get to enjoy life’s small pleasures, like you planned from the beginning. Thank you, Lord, for letting me get a glimpse of your vision for the world, in the indigo blue of a handful of blueberries. Amen. In celebration of life’s small pleasures,

Pastor Barb <><

It is God’s gift that all should eat and drink and take pleasure in all their toil. Ecclesiastes 3:13

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