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It has been the trend that by the end of February the physical fitness centers have fewer people in them even though January is typically a month of increased membership and participation. After the holidays people often feel the need to exercise (get rid of those extra holiday pounds) and so they head to the fitness center. But the newness wears off faster than the pounds wear off and people choose to spend their time in other places. To be in appropriate physical shape (a healthy condition, not a pro athlete’s condition) requires one to participate regularly in physical activities. So it is also with your spiritual fitness. Regular attendance at worship along with time spent in personal and/or family devotions are positive ways to help one’s spiritual fitness. As we enter into the Lenten season on March 1 with Ash Wednesday, there will also be the opportunities to strengthen the congregational fitness by participating in those special weekday worship opportunities and the Sunday evening Lenten devotionals. Come and share faith and fellowship as we strengthen the spiritual aspect of the congregation.

Pastor Dave

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