God’s Work, Our Hands

There is an ELCA wide effort called God’s Work, Our Hands that seeks to involve disciples in congregations in doing activities that benefit their local community. Those actions come from our understanding of the Gospel message that in response to God’s grace to us as individuals, we respond to the needs of others. At the same time congregations need to have their disciples, again in response to God’s grace, participate in meeting the needs of the congregation as the gathered together individuals and as an organization. In planning and attempting ministries, there is a need to know how many individuals are willing to give a helping hand. Currently there is an effort to determine which individuals on the membership roll of Zion congregation are willing, according to their individual circumstances, to participate in the ministries of the congregation. What often happens during a membership survey, is that it is determined that some individuals no longer wish to participate or even consider themselves to be a member. Realize that God’s grace and salvation is independent of a name being on a congregation’s membership roll. Names on a membership roll are about who is responding to God’s grace and is willing to participate in God’s work in some manner along with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Pastor Dave Pastor Dave

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