Pastor Ben Mandrick’s Comments

May old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind” The old Scottish New Year‟s song may be at hand but many wonderful things come with the New Year as well. The church‟s annual meeting is approaching. I will be starting to teach the middle school Sunday school class at the beginning of the New Year at 9:45 am every Sunday morning. Also we will be calling a meeting soon for all parents and youth who are considering beginning confirmation. Confirmation is the process in which baptized youth claim (or confirm) the statements of faith made for them during their baptism. It is our way as a church to help the youth grow in their faith journeys, toward realizing how special and important faith in Jesus Christ is to everyday life. Many of us still remember our own confirmation classes and the fun of being part of a group of youth all learning about the faith together. Others of us from different church backgrounds may be wondering what confirmation class is all about. All are welcome to come and sit in during class and participate with our youth in learning about the grace found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Be on the look out for other new opportunities to get plugged into the life of the church. It‟s a new year why not try something new this year?

Everyone at Zion is super welcoming and friendly. So be brave this New Year join in with the choir, come help with the youth, come join WELCA, try coming to one of our many Sunday school classes. There are lots of different ways to be with us here at Zion, make some time to give it a try; odds are you’re going to love it. Grace and peace,

Pastor Ben

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