A Month of Service and Celebration

September 2019 

The month of September provides our congregation and friends with many opportunities to celebrate and serve. On September 15th, our congregation will participate in a day of service as a part of the ELCA “Gods Work Our Hands” celebration. Our WELCA delegation will travel to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on September 19th for their annual convention. We will end the month with a brunch after worship on September 29th to remember our 147th anniversary as a congregation. 

In addition to these planned events, we invite you to help us build a wall…of cereal! For the past several years, our congregation has sponsored children from Marlow Elementary School who have been identified by school personnel as needing nutritional assistance on weekends during the school year. We started helping 6 children and that number has continued to grow. With the financial gifts of our congregation and Thrivent grants we have provided individual sized, easily prepared and nutritious food each week that students can carry home. Each bag contains two breakfasts, main courses, fruits, vegetables, snacks and drinks. These are delivered anonymously by school staff to the students. During September, we would like to collect small packages of cereal to build that wall on the communion rail. Communion will be by intinction during the month and we can watch that wall grow each week. So…start checking out the cereal aisle in your grocery store. Samples are located in the narthex! 

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