A Very Special Confirmation

The beginning of November will be a very special time for us as a congregation; we will be having a confirmation service on All Saint’s Sunday. 

On the day we remember all those who have died in the faith, it is wonderful to recognize that faith lives on in the lives of those we preach and teach. We are pleased that 8 youth from our congregation will be confirmed: Ryan Baier, Gabby Devine, Ryan Dobbins, Angelina Edwards, Raymond Edwards, Alexandra Robertson, Evan Smith, and Vanessa Vance. It is always a great event in the life of the church to have confirmations where youth confirm their faith in public profession and take upon themselves the responsibility of their faith formation. 

As their immediate family in Christ by means of the church, it becomes our responsibility to pray for them, encourage them, and help them in their journey in faith with us. This is why I hope to see the whole of the church come Sunday the 3rd of November to witness these young people’s next steps of claiming the Faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as their own.