Children’s Choir

The Children’s Choir is sounding great! They are working very hard, learning songs to share during worship each Sunday morning. Thanks to Victoria Davis for helping with snack time, and Rebecca Foote for helping the children robe up on Sundays.
All children in Kindergarten through 5th grade are invited to join us. There are lots of options available for getting your child to practice. For those attending Marlow Elementary, bus #908 drops off students at Zion each week. Children from Sand Hill Elementary are picked up as car riders by Zion’s designated driver. Parents must provide a note to the school with special transportation requests. You can send one note for the entire year. Parents can also choose to make their own arrangements for transportation to Zion. If your child attends a school other than Marlow or Sand Hill and needs transportation please let us know.
Rehearsals end at 4:00pm each Wednesday. Please make sure that pick-up arrangements are made for your child. On the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, there is a K-5 Bible study that begins at 4:00pm. A fellowship meal for families is served at 5:15pm.
We sing every Sunday morning during worship. This gives the opportunity for the group to share what they’ve learned. Please have children in the children’s area at the back of the sanctuary by 10:45am. Children get fitted for a robe and the song for that day is rehearsed before the 11:00 am service.
Please contact Dana Lee Smith (665-1377) for more information.

Veteran’s Honored during November 10th Worship

To all of our Veterans and their families:
those in active duty, at home or abroad, retired, those who have completed their service, P.O.W.s, M.I.A.s, and those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We thank God for you!
Thank you for your service!

We rejoice today at the baptisms of Hadley Grace Vandenhouten infant daughter of Brett and Misti Vandenhouten and Turner James Vandenhouten, infant son of Sean and Katie Vandenhouten. We welcome you into the family of God!

Lector: SGT Mark Baier
Lector: SGT Mark Baier
We rejoice today at the baptisms of Hadley Grace Vandenhouten infant daughter of Brett and Misti Vandenhouten and Turner James Vandenhouten, infant son of Sean and Katie Vandenhouten. We welcome you into the family of God!

Junior Choir performance today:


March 2012 Children’s Choir Update

Our choir is continuing to work on their music for Lent and Easter. Our children’s choir will sing at the Lenten Services during the Sundays of Lent. We will sing Maundy Thursday and Good Friday also. We hope that your child will be able to come and sing at these special services. They will receive a blessing and the congregation will receive a blessing from their singing. If you need help in getting your child to these services, please contact Melinda Heidt (728-3288) or Dana Lee Smith (665-1377). Thank you to the parents and children for their dedication in helping us provide this ministry to the church. We are fortunate to have a Children’s Choir that sings regularly during our Sunday morning worship!

December 2011 Children’s Choir

Thanks to our Children’s Choir for doing such a great job during Advent and Christmas. A special thanks to all who took part in and helped to make this year’s Christmas program a success. Weekly practice will begin again on Wednesday, January 11th. Parents, remember to make sure that your child’s school has a signed permission form with the appropriate transportation information for Wednesdays. Children at Marlow Elementary ride a bus over to Zion. Children from other schools are picked up as car riders. Please contact Melinda Heidt (728-3288) or Dana Lee Smith (665-1377) if you have questions about transportation.

We are so blessed to have a Children’s Choir that sings regularly at our Sunday morning worship! We love to hear our children sing! Thanks for getting your children here for practice and worship!

November 2011 Children’s Choir

Our children’s choir is a blessing to our church.  They have been doing a great job learning new songs and singing every Sunday.  Please let them know how much you enjoy hearing them sing. We will sing every Sunday and at our special Christmas Services. If you know in advance that your child will not be at one of the  Services please let me know.  We will have a Christmas party for the children on December 14th.  We will not practice again until January 11, 2012.  If you have a child that would like to sing in the children’s choir, please let me know. Thank you to  the parents and children who put a lot of time in practicing and  singing every Sunday. It is truly a blessing to our church to hear the choir singing praises to God every Sunday.  If you have any questions please contact Melinda Heidt 728-3288.

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November 2011 Children’s Choir

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Our children are doing such a great job with their singing during our worship service! Our congregation is so blessed as they give glory to God in song! We are so proud of them! If you have a child in kindergarten – 5th grades, we would love to have them singing in the choir. We meet after school every Wednesday that school is in session. They ride in from Marlow Elementary on the school bus. If you have any questions about choir, please contact Melinda Heidt at 728-3288.

Children’s Choir July 2011 Update

A beautiful sunny day on June 14th made a pizza and swimming party for our choir a very fun day. We had 20 children and 5 adults enjoying the sun and a swim. After swimming, we enjoyed a churn of homemade ice cream made by Joy Hutcheson. We honored 5 of our members with a Teen Bible. We thank Caycee Pannal, Andrew Sapp, Aaron Edwards, Charlie HeidtHarris and Julian Mobley for all the years they sang in the choir. They are entering the Middle School program at church. We know they will be faithful to this program. Children’s Choir will begin on September 7th at 2:45p.m. ending at 4:00p.m. On the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, Faithweavers will follow choir ending at 5:15p.m. with a meal following. (See article in this newsletter with all the information about the activities for those days.) We would like to have all children in Kindergarten – 5th grade to participate in choir. You will have to send a permission note to Marlow Elementary School giving your child permission to attend and ride the bus to church. Please send your note to the school by September 7th. They will not let your child come if you have not sent your permission slip. If you have a child in Sandhill or South Effingham, we will pick them up with your permission or you can bring your child. You will have to send a permission note by September 7th unless you will be bringing your child. If you need more information please contact Melinda Heidt at 728-3288.

May 2011 Children’s Choir Update

It is hard to believe that school gets out this month. Our last day for Children’s Choir will be May 18th. We will continue to sing through May 22nd. During the summer months, we will have some specials using the younger Sunday School children and the children’s choir singing with them. Thank you to our Children’s Choir members who have faithfully come to practice on Wednesdays and sang at the Sunday Worship Services. To the congregation, we thank you for the prayers and support you gave the choir during the year. We will have a pool party in June to honor our children for their dedication in singing at church. We hope you have a fun and safe summer!

Children’s Choir during Easter 2011

Children singing a fun song during the Childrens’ Moment.

Children’s Choir Update

We feel very blessed to have the participation of our children in our worship services! Thank you for making our worship more meaningful with your gift to the Lord of song! A reminder: our children will be singing on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and at the Easter Sunday Worship Service. If your child will not be able to attend one of the services, please let me know. We will have an Easter party on Wednesday, April 20th. If you would like to help with the party, please call Melinda Heidt at (728-3288) We will not have practice on Wednesday, April 27th because of Spring break. We will practice again on Wednesday, May 4th. We appreciate the children singing and the parents supporting us through volunteering their time to help us when needed. Thank you, and continue to pray for us!