A Thank You from Bishop H. Julian Gordy

December 4, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

During my recent trip to Effingham County, I was very pleased to learn some of the details of your significant support of the Lutheran Mission of Abundant Life in Pooler, Georgia. Since the mission began, your support and partnership have been instrumental to the Gospel work of that developing congregation. …

Pr. Seth Bridger is convinced that Abundant Life would not have developed to the current point of health and vitality that it now embodies without your willingness to serve as the Sponsoring Congregation and Fiscal Agent. …

On behalf of our Southeastern Synod and the ELCA, I take this opportunity to express gratitude for your good work. I especially thank two persons who have served faithfully as liaisons with Abundant Life: Mr. Joe Studier, for his willingness in serving as the first Treasurer of the Pooler Mission and Mr. Thomas Kessler, Treasurer of Zion Lutheran, for his instrumental role and integrity.

Thanks to the entire Zion congregation for your active mission partnership with Abundant Life. May God continue to bless the good work you do in Jesus’ name.

Very sincerely,

+ H. Julian Gordy
ELCA Southeastern Synod